SpaceX contracted with Media Done Right to enhance their web team with the re-launch of thier new website. Our team was brought in for our front-end expertise with responsive/mobile website development and javascript. We helped bring a marketing design to life using Drupal by building some of the key elements on the website.

The main components we built for them included site-wide elements such as the Primary Navigation, Footer, and floating sidebars. In addition we built the Featured News widget in addtion to other front-end work.

Get It Together

Lori Roudebush approached Media Done Right to help create a web presence for her startup company Get It Together, which focuses on home organization in the Northern California bay-area. Get It Together specializes in creating order in the lives of her clients. It was in that vein, GIT wanted a minimalist website that reflected her business services. She also didn't want her website to look like every other website. The result is a vintage 50's throwback website built using the latest in tech; Jekyll with a bootstrap theme.


From inception to launch, the website took less than a week! The initial idea that quickly transformed into Uncoded was the brainchild of Mike Stewart, owner of Media Done Right and long-time community organizer. With the help of other founding members, especially Aaron Pedersen of DevelopmentArc, the website was quickly built based upon the Open Source Jekyll Theme, also built by Media Done Right. It is currently hosted on Uncoded's GitHub account which allows for greater community participation.

Red Door Living

Red Door Living is a furniture store in Long Beach that specializes in living space design for their clients. Red Door Living approached Media Done Right to help them take control and modernize their static website. The team at MDR worked with Red Door Living to identify content and layout strategies to make it more friendly for customers and search engines alike. In addition MDR configured Drupal to allow their team to easily maintain and control their content so that it remains fresh.

Microsite: AMP - Audyssey Media Player

Audyssey was preparing to launch a new product app for the iPhone store. They hired Media Done Right to build a microsite that worked as well on mobile as it did a desktop top in order to help demonstrate AMP: the Audyssey Media Player.

Media Done Right utilized many best practices building the site using a mobile first approach, web fonts, social network integration, media, and of course Drupal with custom SASS and javascript. The website is a responsive design that support at least eight layouts: Desktop, Large Tablet, phablet, and phone, in both vertical and landscape mode. In addition we utilized javascript to dynamically load headphone images from the very large image library from the AMP media server, which helped with the performance of the site.

Audyssey > Behind Great Sound

Audyssey creates high fidelity audio technologies for high-end consumer electronics for audio and movie buffs.

They had an crotchety Joomla site. Media Done Right was brought in to help their marketing team migrate it to a new Drupal infrastructure in time for the new product launch: Lower East Side Speakers. The new Drupal 7 website developed by Media Done Right allows their marketing team full control over the content, including the look and feel of many of the graphic elements of the site, plus its multilingual and we're working on the Japanese aspects now -- which will allow them to eliminate maintenance of a separate website!

Clinicas del Camino Real, Inc

Clinicas started as a Free Clinic in a karate studio in Santa Paula in 1971. Today, Clinicas now operates nine full service medical offices throughout Ventura county.

The IT department of Clinicas hired Media Done Right to develop a multilingual Drupal based website, with a custom Drupal Theme, in less than a month. The team at Media Done Right took a prototype concept and then developed the website.

We started by having some initial meetings to understand project goals and we divided the work into functional tasks. Mike Stewart created a custom Drupal Theme based on a design by Clinicas. Theme building happened during and after most of the website was built Dan Carlons. We all worked remotely and never actually met face-to-face for any of our meetings.

Now the staff at Clinicas can add and edit content in on their website in both English and Spanish. The website also allows potential patients to find the information they need. Clinicas also had a lot of video that is now highlighted and easily managed by Drupal. It was a fun and successful project for both Media Done Right and the staff at Clinicas!

Giftedvine Wine Company

The Giftedvine Wine Company has created a unique niche in the wine industry. Their website sells wine intended to be given as a gift. They design artistic special occasion labels - such as Birthday, Holidays, Anniversary's - then they smack that label onto some darn good wine and ship it to Washington, Oregon, and California customers. We developed the Drupal website that makes it all happen. We collaborated on the website design and built the site with simplicity and ease of use being primary objectives, and used Ubercart on the back end. It's Drupal commerce plain and simple. Plus lots of attention to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web standards.

Business Week Magazine named Lauren Berger number 5 on their annual list of Young Entrepreneurs 25 Under 25. Lauren created the Internqueen Inc. website on a very customized version of Drupal 5. Media Done Right was recruited by Internqueen Inc. to migrate the old website to Drupal 6, expand its functionality, and theme a new site design. We were also able to utilize best practices and eliminate much of the need for custom coding in order to deliver a website that had over 18,000,000 hits in 2010 and nearly 230GB of traffic on a low graphics website. In fact, most media is delivered using social networks such as YouTube and Flickr with the added benefits of increased exposure and reduced webserver requirements.

Integrated Benefit Consulting, Inc

Integrated Benefit Consultants was one of the first Drupal projects taken on by Media Done Right. The website launched as, was originally built on Drupal 4.6 and later upgraded (through 4.7.x and 5.x, 6) and finally Drupal 7. The latest theme was a custom design by Juxtaflo, Inc and eventually made responsive by Media Done Right.